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Paul MacKinnon

I was preparing to go on a multi-day paddling trip in northern Manitoba, and when I was in Cabela’s I saw and remembered your product, so I picked up a container. While we were away, the mosquitoes were thick every night, but thankfully the flies were almost non-existent. All 3 of us ended up using PiACTIVE and the recommendation was bang on – the mosquitoes left us alone and we didn’t go to bed reeking! I would have recommended this product to anyone I talked to.

Dawn Fleischaker

I absolutely love your product. My girls both work at a sleep over summer camp and they can’t say enough about your product. So thank you
When we were camping last weekend, we were also using citronella candles. My husband and I thought if your product is this good, it would be amazing as a candle. Hoping a candle might be in the works
Thanks again


I have been using Pi Active since April 2016. Some pharmacist friends referred the product to me and I have been telling everyone I know about it ever since. I am a pharmaceutical sales representative and I could easily sell this product. It’s amazing. I brought it down to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and I did not get a single bite from the no-see-um mosquitoes and I am very sought after by these almost invisible insects. Since that time, I have recommended Pi Active to at least 30 friends who also all bought it to use for their camping trips, vacations and outdoor activities.