Name: Thrips
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Subclass: Pterygota
Superorder: Exopterygota
Order: Thysanoptera

Thrips will first enter a short prepupal stage lasting a day at most, during which they will seek out dark crevices on plant, hiding in the tightly packed bud of flowers or bark. They may also drop off of the plant and burrow into leaf litter or loose soil.
Thrips species feed on a large variety of sources, plant and animal, as well as other insects, such as mites.

Method of Travel:
Flying (short distances)

1. Homeowners can install proper screening for windows and patios to prevent gnats from entering residences and outdoor areas used for leisure and entertaining.

Steps to control:
1. Treat screens with a long-lasting insecticide that will be fatal to the gnats that land on the screen.
2. Good, long lasting, low-toxic methods of insect control can be done with Knock Down Max Flying Insect Killer or other Knock Down products listed below.

Products to use:


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KNOCK DOWN™ – KD118D – TOTAL HOME & INDOOR GARDEN Active: Pyrethrin     0.25% 400g Aerosol Domestic For use on ornamental plants and flowers in indoor gardens or as a crack and crevice treatment Kills flying and crawling insects Botanical Insecticide...

KD404D – KNOCK DOWN –Pot-iT™ Botanical House Plant & Garden

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KD404D: POT-iT™ Botanical House Plant & Garden Insect Killer is a Botanical spray with NO P.B.O’s that allows for harvest 3 days after application. This spray is especially good for those infestations that creep up just before harvesting.

KD405D – KNOCK DOWN –Pot-iT™ Indoor Multi-Insect Killer

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KD405D: PoT-iT™ Indoor Multi-Insect Killer is a fast kill spray. It is ideal for overnight infestations that require an immediate solution.

KD406D – KNOCK DOWN –Pot-iT™ Barrier Control Crawling Insect Killer

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KD406D: PoT-iT™ Barrier Control Crawling Insect Killer is a powerful high residual barrier spray that protects your plant area for up to 60 days*.

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