How do I apply PIACTIVE™ insect repellent?

Consider applying insect repellent in the same manner as suntan lotions. Spray all exposed areas, work into the skin and spread evenly. Apply to hands and then rub areas of the face, neck, ears and so on.  Click here for more helpful tips on how to properly apply PiACTIVE™.

Can PiACTIVE™ be used on kids?

Yes. PiACTIVE™ can be used on children 6 months and older. Read label before using. Keep out of reach of children.

If I go swimming or if I am working outside, can I reapply PiACTIVE™?

Yes, apply and re-apply PiACTIVE™ repellent according to the label directions. Don’t overuse the products, but, be sure to apply the amount of repellent indicated on the label.  If you don’t follow the label directions, the product may not be as effective as you expect.  The label on the insect repellent product is your guide to using our products safely and effectively.  The effectiveness of the product can vary due to conditions, such as:
physical activity
water exposure
air temperature

*As with all products applied to the skin, test a small area to ensure no adverse reactions prior to use.  Discontinue Use if signs of irritation or rash appear.

Can PiACTIVE™ be used on my pets?

Currently, PiACTIVE™ is only approved for use on humans.  PiACTIVE™ is NOT APPROVED and NOT RECOMMENDED for use on animals.

Can I buy PiACTIVE™ abroad or state side?

Currently, PiACTIVE™ is only registered for sale in Canada. Click here for a list of our Canadian retailers.

Can I travel with PiACTIVE™ onboard?

We do offer a 100ml PiACTIVE™ pump spray that adheres to CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) regulations for travel.  Failing that, our PiACTIVE™ 175ml pump spray can be checked with luggage.

Does PiACTIVE™ have to be washed off after use?

As with all repellents, a quick rinse, once a day is recommended.

Does PiACTIVE™ break down plastics?

Unlike DEET, PiACTIVE™ does not break down most synthetics and plastics.

Why is there a whistle on the cap?

The MS0020 and MS0021 175ml PiACTIVE™ pump spray come with the specially patented cap designed for back-up needs of canoe trekkers and outdoorsmen and women. A canoe trek survival kit should include a whistle, compass and some type of bailer. The cap also has a convenient carabiner hole (for a carabiner clip) to allow the bottle to be attached to the outside of a knapsack or belt for easy and convenient access while trekking. It is also ideal for hikers, mountain bikers, and other outdoor activities.

Always wash whistle on the cap thoroughly before using. 

Here’s an outdoor enthusiast’s story on the benefits of the PiACTIVE™ patented cap.

We also offer other products that do not have a whistle, such as the 100ml PiACTIVE™ pump, the 150g PiACTIVE™ aerosol pump and the 40ml wallet size PiACTIVE™ pump. Please visit here for additional information and for all the products we carry.

How can I use the whistle safely?

Upon reviewing the outside of the blister pack, you will see an attention sticker that says “wash whistle thoroughly before using”. It is possible that some residues from your hands after using PiACTIVE™ could potentially get onto the whistle opening when placing the lid back on the bottle. Do not use the whistle until it has been thoroughly washed first.

It is important to always read the product label, keep the product out of reach of children and supervise application.

We also offer other products that do not have a whistle, such as the 100ml PiACTIVE™ pump, the 150g PiACTIVE™ aerosol pump and the 40ml wallet size PiACTIVE™ pump. Please visit here for additional information and for all the products we carry.

Why is the bottle not filled to the top for PiACTIVE™ Original & Kids 175ml pump MS0020 and MS0021?

The PiACTIVE™ bottle is the same, original bottle used for the Mosquito Shield™ line of repellents. Mosquito Shield™ repellents are formulated for 200ml, and as such, this bottle is filled closer to the very top. PiACTIVE™, on the other hand, is formulated for 175ml, leaving a bit of room at the top of the bottle. The fill volume of 175ml is indicated on the front of the PiACTIVE™ product label to minimize confusion. Also, the side of the bottle has indicator fill markings. 

We chose to use the same bottle type when introducing the PiACTIVE™ line as it comes with a free compass, whistle and carabiner hole. We wanted to provide the same added value to consumers of both brands.

Is the compass reliable?

As with all compasses, including very high-end models, buildings and steel structures can affect their accuracy. When using the compass, we recommend moving away from nearby structures. Also, be sure to take the compass off the aerosol can as the metal in the can will affect the reading.

Is PiACTIVE™ biodegradable?

Yes, all the ingredients in PiACTIVE™ are biodegradable. The Field Evaluation of Picaridin Repellents published 14/12/18 states that Icaridin (the active ingredient in PiACTIVE™) is biodegradable. All the other ingredients making up the formulation of PiACTIVE™ are also biodegradable.

Does PiACTIVE™ freeze?

PiACTIVE™ contains alcohol and will not freeze.

Can I have an allergic reaction or develop a rash with PiACTIVE™?

Our products have been dermatologically tested and show good skin compatibility. Human patch testing was conducted to test for the determination of irritating effects to human skin. None of the subjects showed any reaction or none of the human subjects showed any irritating skin effects. However, as with all products applied to the skin, some people are more sensitive than others, therefore, always test a small area to ensure no adverse reactions prior to use. Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear.

Are DEET Products more effective than PiACTIVE™?

Both DEET and Icaridin based products are proven to be effective in repelling insects. Where Icaridin based products like PiACTIVE™ edge out the competition is the performance time. PiACTIVE™ provides up to 12 hours of protection whereas DEET products only remain effective for 8 hours. Further, PiACTIVE™ requires a smaller percentage of the active ingredient (only 20%) in its formulation to outperform DEET based products (which contain 30% DEET).  PiACTIVE™ will not break down plastics.

Can PiACTIVE™ be used by expectant and nursing mothers?

Yes, PiACTIVE™ can be used by expectant and nursing mothers. However, it is important to always consult with your physician before use.