KUUS Inc. is a Canadian Company specializing in repellents and insecticides to protect against, deter and eliminate common pests and insects.

The Knock Down brand focuses on a full range of top quality commercial, domestic and professional insecticides with a variety of well known, fast, and effective active ingredients such as Pyrethrin.  Pyrethrin is a natural active from the chrysanthemum flower ‘pyrethrum’.

As outdoor and active lifestyle enthusiasts, KUUS Inc. prides itself on having in-house chemists and engineers to develop unique, exciting and effective products.

In addition to their vast line of insecticides, KUUS Inc. also offers a line of Knock Down insect and vermin traps, as well as the new Knock Down Naturals line of products which focus on a non-chemical solution to common pests, such as flies and wasps.

KUUS Inc. has grown quickly in the Canadian marketplace through a variety of well-known and well-established retailers and they continue to expand their product line with innovative and competitive products for the Canadian consumer.

Ron Kuus – President
Heidi Kuus – Vice President
Trevor Kidd – Operations Manager
Scott Chilvers – Product Development Manager
Robyn Walter – Consumer Relations Manager
Danielle Lewis – Accounts Receivable Manager
Claudette Murdock – Warehouse Manager