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Product Description



Relax…We’ve got you covered!

PiACTIVE™ is proud to introduce a revolutionary game changer in insect repellents for black flies, ticks and mosquitoes. Our PiACTIVE™ insect repellent can be applied on children 6 months and older.  PiACTIVE™ contains Icardin and is DEET FREE as Always!

  • Repels, effective, durable!
  • Will not damage fishing lines, plastic or other synthetic materials.
  • non-scented repellent
  • Non-irritating to the skin
  • Non oily, greasy, or sticky
  • Provides long lasting protection;
    - 10 hrs of protection against black flies.
    - 12 hrs of protection against mosquitoes and ticks.


  • Includes Outdoor preparedness essentials: Whistle, Compass, and Carabiner hole














• Black Flies       • Ticks

• Mosquitoes


Additional Information

Weight 0.25 kg

Bug List


  • Mosquitoes
  • Black flies    
  • Ticks
  • Chiggers


Apply PiACTIVE™ to exposed skin. Re-apply after 8-12 hours depending on conditions of use and environment.
Avoid spraying in eyes and mouth.


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  • willie

    willie ,

    Thank you for the fast service, we used the coils all weekend..
    As far as the the bug spray PiACTIVE, I’m going to start with the good stuff first. There was five of us that used it this weekend and we all loved it. It worked well day and night. No oil feeling or any mess on your skin.
    No bad taste in your mouth,
    It doesn’t hurt if you spray it over small cuts, or if you get little amounts in your eyes. There was a little scent at the first, but does goes away soon after, The scent was nice. It washes off you hands easily, and saying that you never found any after taste when eating your food…With Off you always tasted it, Even after you washed up.
    Bad things about it, When I used it, I was working on my trailer so I was sweating a lot. I found the spray only lasted about 6 hours. The rest of the group said it was more like 8- 10 hours for them. Not the 12 hours the bottle states, Saying all that, a lot better than Off, we have too apply every 4 hours or so.
    Would like it in a spray can, not the pump type style you sent us. Over all. We loved it, and when we need more bug spray we will be looking for this one.

    Thank you very much…
    The Happy Campers.

    • kuu

      kuu ,

      Hello Willie,
      Sounds as though the weekend was a good one despite the weather. This is prime time for mosquitoes so I’m pleased you were able to enjoy camping bite free.
      The PiACTIVE™ has been tested to perform up to 12 hours but I believe the results you experienced are about right for the “real world”. Perspiration will greatly reduce the durability of the application but it is no problem to reapply as you’ve seen.
      I am not sure about the potential of an aerosol spray with this product? We do use a great technology which employs compressed air to propel the contents of a sealed bag inside the can. It looks and works like an aerosol but the benefit of this is that you spray on only what is repelling the pests and not the propellant.
      As a trailer camper, you may be interested in our Knock Down™ line of pest control products to get rid of everything from ants, spiders and wasps to mice and rats.

      Thank you Willie for your feedback and support.
      Best Regards,
      Mosquito Shield™ Team

  • Laura

    Laura ,

    Used this spray on myself and my son this weekend while enjoying the outdoors; normally we can’t last five minutes outside with the amount of bugs chomping at us, but it was like we had a little bubble around us! Not a single bite! No unpleasant odour, no sticky residue, just GREAT results. My new go-to for insect repellents!!

  • Paul MacKinnon

    Paul MacKinnon ,

    I just felt that I had to write and tell you my story as it relates to your PiACTIVE insect repellant. A relative of mine had stopped over at our house on his way to Saskatchewan, and somehow the subject got around to bugs. He told us about this great new product that doesn’t stink and works! I was preparing to go on a multi-day paddling trip in northern Manitoba, and when I was in Cabela’s I saw and remembered your product, so I picked up a container. While we were away, the mosquitoes were thick every night, but thankfully the flies were almost non-existent. All 3 of us ended up using PiACTIVE and the recommendation was bang on – the mosquitoes left us alone and we didn’t go to bed reeking!
    That however is not the best part of my story. On the second day, my 2 paddling companions (who were in a canoe) went through a set of rapids and unfortunately tipped over. Luckily very little was lost – the only missing items were a bug jacket, a duplicate set of maps and our compass. Well imagine our surprise when we realized that my insect repellant had a compass built right into the lid! I quickly fastened it to the front of my kayak for easy access. For the rest of the trip, we relied on your amazing product to keep the bugs away and to keep us on track. Whoever came up with the idea to include the compass (and the whistle) is a genius and a lifesaver!
    I would have recommended this product to anyone I talked to, just based on the insect repellant aspect alone. But now I will give an extra endorsement to all my back-country adventuring friends as well.

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