We are very proud to offer a new collection of 100% DEET FREE as always, highly effective and long lasting insect repellents under the Brand PiACTIVE™ – PIACTIVE.COM™.

PiACTIVE™ – with 20% icaridin™ – is the first 12 Hour Insect Repellent on the Canadian Market,  is a Health Canada registered product and protects against Mosquitoes, Black Flies, and Ticks!

Numerous health authorities across the Globe, including the World Health Organization recommend insect repellents containing Icaridin™ as a first line of defense when travelling to tropical climate regions, as well as for children 12 years and younger.

PiACTIVE™ can be applied and re-applied, worry free, to children 6 months and older, when used as directed.

Available in many sizes to suit your needs…whether on a local outing, hiking or travelling.

RELAX…We’ve got you covered!















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