Active Formula

The Active Formula offers protection
for those active people in your life
who are always on the go


Our kids formula contains 5% DEET
and can be applied to children
6 months and older

COMBAT Formula

Our COMBAT Formula offers 8 Hour
protection for Extreme outdoor enthusiasts
in a convenient pocket size pump spray

Mosquito Shield

Mosquito Shield Inc. commenced in 2003 as a New product line in the insect repellent category.

100% Canadian owned and operated, all of our products are approved by Health Canada. Mosquito Shield products offer a full range of protection from 5% DEET to 30% DEET the maximum available in Canada.

Since appearing on CBC’s Dragons’ Den (Season III), Mosquito Shield has enjoyed increased exposure both to retailers and to consumers, with everybody wanting to get on board and help Fight The Bite!

Additionally, mosquito coils, bug zappers and other accessories. Mosquito Shield continues to expand its product line with innovative and competitive products for the Canadian Consumer.

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