Name: Cockroach
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Hexapodaa
Class: Insecta
Subclass: Pteygota
Infraclass: Neoptera
Order: Blattaria
Superorder: Dictyoptera
Family: Numerous families

There are approximately 4,500 species of cockroaches, 30 of which are associated with human habitations. The most common species of cockroach is the American cockroach. American cockroaches live in warm, dark, wet places, near water. They are usually found in sewers, basements, around pipes and drains. Frequently living outdoors, although preferring warm climates and considered “cold intolerant,” they are resilient enough to survive occasional freezing temperatures.

American cockroaches will eat just about anything, including plants and other insects. However, a cockroach can live almost a month without food and about two weeks without water.

Method of Travel:

1. Follow good sanitation practices and remove food sources by storing food in containers.
2. Keep cooking, eating and food storage areas clean and dry.
3. Use garbage cans with tight lids.
4. Clean up sugary spills.
5. Any water leaks, such as dripping taps, should be repaired.
Steps to control:
1.Seal off any entry points, such as holes around baseboards, in between kitchen cabinets, pipes, doors, and windows with some steel wool or copper mesh and some cement, putty or silicone caulk.
2. Constant cleaning of food preparation areas.
3.Good, long lasting, low-toxic methods of insect control can be done with Knock Down Cockroach Killer or other Knock Down products listed below.

Product to use:

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