PiACTIVE™ Review – Paul MacKinnon

AMAZING PRODUCT! DOESN’T STINK AND WORKS GREAT! Paul MacKinnon – September 05, 2017 I just felt that I had to write and tell you my story as it relates to your PiACTIVE insect repellant. A relative of mine had stopped over at our house on his way to Saskatchewan, and somehow the subject got around … Continue reading “PiACTIVE™ Review – Paul MacKinnon”

PiACTIVE™ Review & Giveaway – North Shore Mama

North Shore Mama- PiACTIVE™  Another great review for PiACTIVE™ by the North Shore Mama Blog. Bug Repellent for Campers and ‘Non-Campers’ Alike GIVEAWAYS August 13, 2015 Jessica Blumel It’s camping season! We still have a good 6 weeks to 2 months of fantastic weather coming our way and families will continue to load up the trunks of … Continue reading “PiACTIVE™ Review & Giveaway – North Shore Mama”

PiACTIVE™ Review – One Smile Monkey

  DEET-Free PiACTIVE Insect Repellent – Review This spring I found a tick in my hair….that my husbandbrought home.  Luckily, I found it climbing up my hair and not on (or in–blech) my scalp.  I hadn’t even been outside and I had a tick on me–cue the paranoia!  Now I have to defend hubby, he is pretty … Continue reading “PiACTIVE™ Review – One Smile Monkey”


PiACTIVE™ – CITYLINE – OUTDOOR SPECIAL Piactive™ got a great mention on Cityline’s Outdoor Special yesterday! The show is broadcast nationally and reaches over 1.03 million viewers. The video clip is also available on the Cityline website which reaches an additional 93,000 people. You can check the link here: – the mention is around 17 min … Continue reading “PiACTIVE™ CITYLINE – OUTDOOR SPECIAL”