April 2 – April 4 | St. Jacobs, Ontario



Come see KUUS INC. at the Home Hardware Market.

Once again this year we will be showcasing our great PiACTIVE™ KNOCK DOWN™ and MOSQUITO SHIELD™ products.

Our on site product experts can recommend the right products providing more value for you and your customers.

This year we will be showcasing:

• PiACTIVE™ Canada’s #1 selling DEET FREE as always insect repellent

• New KNOCK DOWN™ Products including our Total home and Indoor Garden Insecticide

KNOCK DOWN™ Kilsol™ 22 in 1 – One solution Multi-insect killer

Come visit us at booth D1098 KUUS Inc.and find out how we can get our programs working for you.



Piactive™ got a great mention on Cityline’s Outdoor Special yesterday! The show is broadcast nationally and reaches over 1.03 million viewers. The video clip is also available on the Cityline website which reaches an additional 93,000 people. You can check the link here:  http://www.cityline.ca/videos/ - the mention is around 17 min by Tracy Moore (host) and Frank Ferragine (outdoor/garden expert).



2011 Season News

The 2011 Mosquito Shield season was an exceptional one, which involved a number of changes over the past few months. We have been revitalizing the brand with new outlooks and fresh ideas!
Our Development Team have been working hard on designing new and exciting products to add to the Mosquito Shield and Knock Down lines. Keep an eye out in your local retailers for our NEW Bug Shield Yellow Light Bulb and a new addition to our insect repellent line, Kids & Family Formula, containing 10% Deet.

Mosquito Shield, through this website, strives to keep you informed to new products and pertinent information that you would find helpful. Unfortunately, over the past few months with the revitalization, we have not been able to access some valuable correspondence left in the comments section. We apologize for not replying. If you need to reach us, the best way is to visit the Contact Us page and access our telephone number or our email address.

Thank you for your support, and remember to FIGHT THE BITE!!!

New Products Coming in 2010

Mosquito Shield Inc. has strived to continue its history of innovative design, consumer value, and strong retailer relationships.

Mosquito Shield Inc. is proud to introduce several new products to its lineup for 2010:

Racquet Bug Zapper

Coil Ash Tray

Wasp Bee Gone Artificial Wasp Nest

Lizard Tongue Fly Ribbon

Fly Swatters

Mouse Trap

Never Bait Mouse Trap

Tom Cat Mouse Trap

Rat Trap

Roach/Vermin hotel

Glue Traps

New Bug Zapper


1Z0-450 exams

This year’s major addition is an electric Bug Zapper, featuring a built in rechargeable battery, up to 8 hours of constant use, and a built in hanger for easy mounting from an elevated position, or sturdy base for tabletop use. The Zapper is chemical free, allowing it to be used in enclosed spaces, and by windows and doors without any adverse affects to those around. It also has a catch 1Z0-451 exams tray for easy removal of “zapped” bugs.

Citronella Bucket


M  Shield has also been further developing its citronella bucket. The wax continues to be a premium grade compared to the competition, which may use ‘filler’ wax for the bulk of the fill and topping with a high grade, scented wax. M Shield’s bucket is the same composition throughout, using only natural citronella oil, and with our new single wick burn has up to 50 hours of use per bucket!

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